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We navigate the most complex disputes within construction, property and engineering

With over 135 years of experience within the built environment, Gleeds have the track record and the expert skills to advise, support and look to resolve the occurrence of project disputes which are likely to occur.

Construction dispute advisory

We provide our clients technical services to support conflict avoidance and dispute resolution processes. As independent advisors we offer neutral evaluations which provide objective cost analysis on quantum, delay, scheduling and project management matters. We also assist our clients with resolving disputes before and after more formal recovery procedures have been implemented. By mitigating risk and resolving contention, we allow our clients to achieve built environment success.

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Our international dispute advisory group (IDAG) has grown organically over recent years. Conflict avoidance and dispute resolution are a core service offering for our business and we have recognised that as technology has evolved and disputes have become more intricate, we have built on our vast expertise and have created a seamless global offering, where our advisory teams work in collaboration to support our clients all round the world.

Shaping the future of the built environment

Gleeds is a global property and construction consultancy that has built its reputation on delivering award-winning projects around the world. We help businesses and investors achieve the best value from their assets by providing advice that is reassuringly free from conflict of interest. With over 135 years of experience, our impartial intelligence is key to helping clients realise their projects on budget, on time and to an exceptional quality.

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